A Gracious Welcome

A guest post by Holly Pearson


photo credit: Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glenn, NY.

I don’t ever recall having such a gracious welcome and I admit, it came as a complete surprise.  As we entered their house, everyone inside looked up. Many, many pairs of eyes were on us.  Then, in unison and very slowly, they turned and made their approach.  The more curious (perhaps more bold) ones were in the front – the others, in rows close behind.  One huge white cloud with many heads atop long, slender necks stretched out for a better view. Dark, black eyes focused us.  The cloud never stopped advancing and the sound it made was a steady hum with fluctuating, lyrical notes interspersed. It was an otherworldly choir, a haunting lullaby. We knelt down when they reached us.  Some pecked gently at our clothes and we stroked their backs of airy, soft feathers. I felt warmth coming from inside them.  This was our visit to the turkey barn at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.  It was over twenty years ago but it’s fresh in my mind.

I am grateful to every person who promotes understanding and appreciation of these glorious but maligned birds.

Turkey portraits created by Holly Pearson.

Note: The author wrote this while remembering the line from Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Fog”…The fog comes on little cat feet.

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