Every Turkey is a Unique Individual!

Turkeys, like our companion animals, are sentient. They experience pleasure and suffering. Also like companion animals, turkeys possess desires and preferences; and each one is a unique individual. If asked to distinguish individual turkeys among thousands crammed into a shed or barn, most people would “see” little difference between the birds. And yet, each turkey is a unique individual.

The National Turkey Federation estimates Americans eat approximately 46 million turkeys on a single Thanksgiving Day.* 46 Million Turkeys is a participatory art project which aims—with help from the community—to create an artistic remembrance of each one of those turkeys. You are invited to participate by creating and submitting a turkey portrait. You do not have to be an artist to contribute. Go to the “Guidelines” page to learn more and be counted!

*46 million was the estimated number of turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. The number has since dropped to 44 million.

QUESTIONS? Email: 46millionturkeys@gmail.com