Everyone is welcome to participate-you do not have to be an artist!

Check out the Ideas page for additional suggestions and examples of ways you can help represent turkeys as individuals.

There are unlimited ways for you to participate and create turkeys: cutting silhouettes • drawing/doodles • oven-bake polymer clay (Sculpey, Fimo) • painting • paper crafts • block printing • origami • wood • rubber stamp • stencil • found objects • clay/pottery • beads/jewelry • sculpture/carvings • metal/wire • knitting • sewing • fabric • use your imagination—whatever creation you dream up—we’d love to include it.

The Absolute Criteria

  • Please represent turkeys with dignity.
  • Your art should represent a living turkey—not meat!
  • Turkeys only—no other species please. (We love all animals, but this project is about turkeys.)
  • Please do not use animal products (feathers, bones, fur, wool, beeswax, seashells, etc.). Works that contain animal products will not be included in the project.
  • Use of recycled materials is highly recommended by the earth.
  • Do not make your turkeys from perishable items (e.g. fruit).
  • Keep each individual turkey creation no more than 2” x 2” for two-dimensional work and 2” x 2” x 2” for three-dimensional works. (Note: If your 3-D work is larger, you may submit a photo of the work instead of the actual piece.) Due to the anticipated size of the final project this requirement is necessary; however your submission may be larger if you’ve taken into account the requirement of each turkey measuring 2” x 2” or less. For example: you may submit a bound sketch book with pages filled (both sides of sheets preferably) with 2” x 2” drawings of turkeys.

Here are some wonderful and creative examples of using multiple turkeys in a design. 

When creating your turkey art, please keep in mind the difference between turkeys and chickens. Hint—turkeys don’t have combs on their heads.

46 Million Turkeys is an on-going project—there is no deadline—just the goal of representing turkeys as individuals. You can send us your turkey creations at any time. 

Copyright Information
Please note that while the contributor/artist maintains copyright to any images they submit, all submissions become property of the 46 Million Turkeys Project and will not be returned. The 46 Million Turkeys Project and submissions to the project will be used to celebrate and educate others about others turkeys.


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