Check out this recent article by Avery Yale Kamila in the November 12, 2022 Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. (click on link below for full article)

Turkey portraits and plant-based feasts help make for a gentler Thanksgiving



For Immediate Release
November 2022
Contact: Cheryl Miller

46 Million Portraits Showcase Turkeys as Individuals!

MAINE – 46 Million Turkeys is an ongoing community participatory art project. The project’s aim—with help from the community—is to create a collection of portraits honoring each one of the estimated 46 million turkeys who will be raise, killed and consumed on a single Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Most people’s experience with a turkey is a headless carcass on a plate. The 46 Million Turkeys Project is putting a face on these individual birds through portraiture.

Everyone is welcome to submit portraits—you do not have to be an “artist” to participate. Participants are encouraged to use recycled materials (but no animal products, e.g. feathers, sea shells, or leather please) and create portraits measuring 2” x 2” in any medium.

For guidelines, ideas, and a submission form:


Images can be found on the project website: and

 46 Million Turkeys Makes News


Interview with Amy Sinclair from New England Cable News (



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