Thanksgiving Poem


While perusing the Our Hen House website, I came across a poetry book review: Kind: Poems by Gretchen Primack. I can’t lie, the book cover really caught my eye—it’s charming! I read the review and then watched the short video featuring Gretchen. I was so impressed with her and with the poems she read that I was compelled to buy the book. Having never been much for poetry, I wondered if I might have made a rash decision. When the book arrived I thought I’d read a poem or two but I couldn’t seem to put it down until I read them all—they are emotionally captivating. I am so delighted I have the book! Below is a beautiful poem Gretchen has written for this project. You can learn more about Gretcheh, as well as, order her book of poetry Kind: Poems from her website:



                                                                             Gretchen Primack
          “…but gentleness is active…
will not be driven off…
keeps bearing witness calmly.”
~Adrienne Rich, Dream of a Common Language

If she tips her face into rain,
she pulls it back down
and tucks toward shelter.

If she’s earned her place, her seeds,
the tough bird will take them,
snap for them.

Her body is not dry or stuffed;
not carved, not leftover. It courses
with systems—one that circulates,
sending blood with its sugar and air;

one that reproduces,
composing shell cell
by cool cell, pushing out a life
to wrap in a wing in weather;

one that shoots current
nerve to nerve, shivers
of pleasure in seeds
and heat and children,
alarm when an arm reaches
for her body
to make her body something
carved, something left

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